How do we subscribe to this blog?

I thought you'd never ask.  If you happened to close the big pop-up window to subscribe, then just look directly below this and click on the 'Subscribe' button, then enter your email address.  You'll get an email asking you to confirm, then you should be all set!  Be sure to spread the word!  

Who's behind the blog?  

I’m a Madison, Wisconsin transplant and a San Francisco native.  I used to compete in figure/bodybuilding, but got injured, and love food way to much to start competing again.  I have a ton of shorts and flip-flops that I can only wear a couple of months out of the year now, and a new collection of winter coats, snow boots, snow pants, beanies and gloves.  You can call me Chris.  Hi!

What's with the name?

I always thought of Greek mythology and ancient Greece to be pretty cool, and I wanted to somehow incorporate it into the name.  Epicurean, by definition means: a disciple or student of the Greek philosopher Epicurus, and of or concerning Epicurus ideas (thanks Google!).  So what are his ideas exactly?  He believed that what he called "pleasure" is the greatest good (thanks Wikipedia!), and in order to achieve this, one would need to live modestly and gain knowledge of the inner workings of the world and the limits of one's desires.  It's a form of hedonism, yes, but it's supposed to constitute happiness in it's highest form.  (Damn, Epicurus, you were on to something!)  So everything I plan to blog about makes me happy.  I plan to chronicle (see what I did there?) every happy and pleasurable experience, be it food (our fav!), travel, or whatever. And so, Epicurean Chronicles was born.  

What's with the logo?

I wanted something easy and memorable so the initials E.C. came to mind.  I know, I know, super original.  Whatevs, I love it.  The 'E' is inside the 'C' (Can you see it?), and we love that the 'C' is a wine stain from the bottom of a wine glass.  Pretty neato-speedo huh?  

What's with the hashtag?

For sharing of course!  If you've got an amazing foodie experience to share, then please tag them with #EpicureanChronicles.  'Cause let's be real.  It's the digital age, and EVERYONE takes pictures and documents everything through social media. Why stop now?  

Can we follow EC on social media?

You certainly can.  Go to the bottom of this page and you could click on the social media icons that navigate you directly to the accounts.  See you all there!